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Recommendations for open innovation Education Development

hdvcThe report develops recommendation for the continuous development of open innovation education in European higher education. The recommendations establish the preliminary groundwork for the curricula development in WP4 and WP5 by establishing guidelines for the customization of the core curriculum by country, industry and sector. Furthermore, the report includes recommendations on topics for further OI studies by reviewing the current theoretical development against the actual industry needs. This results in a research agenda that may guide e.g. PhD studies and other OI theory development to address gaps in the theoretical framework of open innovation. This will lead to a higher degree of sustainability of the project results by enabling the continuous concurrent development of research and education in the OI field beyond project lifetime.

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Report on Industrial Needs for Open Innovation Education

This report provides the summary of the data and some conclusions on open innovation activities adoption, open innovation needs, and skills and abilities that open innovation specialist should have. This report is the basis for subsequent WPs to develop the open innovation curriculum, segment-specific customizations and the collection of specific cases and practices of open innovation. 


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WP2 - Initial outlook

WP2 - Identification of Industrial Needs for Open innovation Education in Europe
Start date: Month 1                End date: Month 14

Work Package 2 focuses on the identification of the industries and market need for Open innovation education in Europe, and more specifically for open innovation personnel to enable teaching industry-relevant skills in higher education institutions that correspond to actual current needs in all business sectors in Europe.